Gang of Four (GOF) Design Patterns in .NET

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  1. Creational Design Patterns

    1. Factory Method : Create instances of derived classes
    2. Abstract Factory : Create instances of several classes belonging to different families
    3. Builder : Separates an object construction from its representation
    4. Prototype : Create a duplicate object or clone of the object
    5. Singleton : Ensures that a class can has only one instance
  2. Structural Design Patterns

    1. Adapter : Match interfaces of different classes
    2. Bridge : Separates an object’s abstraction from its implementation
    3. Composite : A tree structure of simple and composite objects
    4. Decorator : Add responsibilities to objects dynamically
    5. Façade : A single class that represents an entire complex system
    6. Flyweight : Minimize memory usage by sharing as much data as possible with similar objects
    7. Proxy : Provides a surrogate object, which references to other object
  3. Behavioral Design Patterns

    1. Chain of Responsibility
    2. Command
    3. Interpreter
    4. Iterator
    5. Mediator
    6. Memento
    7. Observer
    8. State
    9. Strategy
    10. Visitor
    11. Template Method

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