Leap Motion: As far as controllers go it’s not a big leap forward… yet


Leap Motion is expected to debut on Monday its $79.99 gesture-based motion controller, but after a little time spent playing with it –and even after my six-year-old daughter took her turn, we’re not sure this is the interface of the future. It lacked the intuitive connection between thinking and doing that Apple’s touchscreen delivered or the instant appeal that the Nintendo Wii or the Microsoft Kinect both offered.

While Leap’s Airspace app store is stocked with some fun games, the Leap Motion controller isn’t as simple to use as one might hope, although it’s early days and with the right app it might become an awesome experience.


First, a bit of history and details on the Leap Motion controller. The company behind it, Leap Motion, was formed in 2010 to build a gesture-based controller that “sees” your hand moving in a field above a three-inch bar packed with sensors and…

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