5 web-design trends tech companies should watch


Design can make or break web and mobile startups these days. But the problem is: It’s not always clear how to improve the design of web sites, mobile apps and connected devices. Is it just about making them cleaner, more streamlined, and less cluttered?

We talked with some of our favorite tech designers and came up with a list of five key trends. Yes, all of them could fall under the broad heading of “simplicity,” but making a site less busy does, after all, help highlight what’s important.

Clean icons

art museum

I’m purposely not calling these flat. As designer Henri Liriani explains on Medium, the term “flat” suggests that they are somehow simple or easy. But as any of us who has had to cut down our precious prose knows, restraint is hard and elegance doesn’t come easy. Whether designers like it or not, iOS7’s design will force them to…

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