Why surgeons are a key target for some Google Glass app developers


Before he even knew that Google Glass was in the works, Partho Sengupta was salivating at the potential for smart eyewear in healthcare. In a draft article for a top medical journal two years ago, the Mt. Sinai cardiologist said he gushed so effusively about the possibilities for such a device that his wearable technology comment was edited out because it was deemed too futuristic.

But maybe his sentiments would be received differently now.

That’s because, these days, uber-early Google Glass adopters are actually wearing their high-tech headgear around town.  And as they show off its hands-free and voice-activated features, it’s becoming increasingly clear that medical professionals – who spend hours each day on their feet and with their hands engaged – could be among those to benefit most from the new technology. Even skeptics, who doubt the consumer appetite for Glass, say they see a much brighter future for…

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