With new API, Dropbox disrupted a startup engaged in real-time data syncing


The two founders of NimbusBase, Alex Volodarsky and Ray Wang, watched in shock as Dropbox CEO Drew Houston pitched a new API that does pretty much the same thing their previously announced product does: use cloud storage as a bucket for syncing application data.

“Holy s**t, we’re not the only game in town anymore.” That’s what Volodarsky was thinking. “Dropbox is sort of a big deal. They’re doing this.”

At first, said Volodarsky, the company’s COO, it was like a punch in the gut. But then he and Wang realized that they could survive. They see the Dropbox Datastore API as validation of their vision: that people’s personal clouds could function as the back end of applications.

They believe it’s only a matter of time before other major personal cloud-storage providers come out with their own APIs, and so they are preparing to be a sort of platform on…

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