News flash: Americans remain conflicted on government data gathering


Fifty-percent of Americans seem to have no huge beef overall with the U.S. government’s data collection programs as exemplified by the NSA PRISM program, according to the latest Pew Research survey.

But, the just-released research shows that citizens do have mixed feelings about the program; More than half — or 56 percent — said they felt there was not sufficient court supervision of what data is collected but 50 percent approved of the program overall compared to 44 percent who disapproved. Six percent don’t know or, presumably, don’t care.


Despite assurances to the contrary, 63 percent think the government is going beyond metadata to grab up the actual content of communications and nearly a third (27 percent) believe the government is listening to or reading their own personal communications

Once again, younger people were more concerned about government incursions than their elders and once again, this surprises me. I would…

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