Samsung’s new Galaxy S 4 is a godsend for Sprint and its dueling LTE networks


Samsung this week unveiled new versions of its Galaxy S 4 and S 4 mini that supports both of the world’s flavors of LTE. The device was heralded as the ideal global roaming phone since it will work on the time-division LTE (TD-LTE) systems going up Asia as well as the frequency division (FD-LTE) gear common in the U.S. and Europe. But there’s one thing Samsung left unmentioned in its announcement: This is the ideal phone for Sprint’s(s s) funkiest of LTE rollouts.

If there were an award for crazy network configurations, Sprint would win it in a landslide. It’s building CDMA and LTE networks all over the electromagnetic spectrum, and now that it has gained control of Clearwire it’s deploying both flavors of LTE side by side.

Sprint LTE logoWhile Sprint has managed to secure plenty of high-profile smartphones for its customers under its current network configuration, landing multi-mode TD/FD-LTE…

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