App finds the Droid you’re looking for: The one you lost


You know that moment right before you’re about to leave the house and you realize you forgot to grab your phone, but when you go to get it, it isn’t where you could’ve sworn you left it? There is now an app for that. Android Product Manager Benjamin Poiesz took to the official Android blog today to announce Android Device Manager, an upcoming app/website combo that helps you locate your missing device, or wipe it if you can’t.

Using Android Device Manager sounds simple enough. Is your phone missing? Log into the Device Manager site and trigger your phone to ring at maximum volume until you find it. But let’s say you ring it, and it definitely isn’t there. You can use your phone’s built-in GPS to locate it on a map, to help you realize you left it at the restaurant, not the movie theater.

Or, in the…

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