HackRF, a Kickstarter project promising the holy grail of wireless radios


Listen up wireless nerds, a Kickstarter project called HackRF is promising to take the revolutions that Moore’s Law has brought to servers and networking to wireless radios — namely making programmable (and thus more flexible) radios far cheaper. The project aims to offer hackers a radio that can speak many different protocols over a variety of spectrum bands, all controlled via software.

So if you want a ZigBee radio, you program it in software. For a Wi-Fi radio, just type some commands. Having high quality software-defined radios, especially open source ones like the HackRF could be fundamentally remove the limitations on our wireless devices — be they geographic or protocol based.

This particular project won’t accomplish all that, but if your highest aspiration in life is a global iPhone, then stick around and I’ll explain how a project like this could get us there. The first thing you need to…

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