Hands on with the zSpace 3D virtual reality tablet


I generally skip 3D movies in favor of the 2D variety. Jaegers and Kaijus occasionally jumping out toward the audience has felt old since Avatar, and there are not many signs the industry will be changing the experience soon.

So when zSpace CTO Dave Chavez brought his company’s 3D virtual reality tablet to the GigaOM office this week, I was surprised to find myself wowed. zSpace is a classroom desk-sized tablet that at first appears to be 2D. But when you don a pair of glasses, everything jumps up from the screen in 3D. You can move your head to peer around corners or pick up and rotate objects with a stylus you move over the tablet. When you pick them up, you’re actually pulling them out of the screen, where they appear to float in thin air.

We started the demo at a virtual desktop that had several…

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