This HOT new smartwatch acts a phone for private conversations


Is a smartwatch that allows for private phone conversations the holy grail of wearable devices? For many enthusiasts, the answer is yes, and the Hot Watch advertises exactly that capability: You can have a phone call through the ePaper watch but nobody else will hear the conversation.

The “secret sauce” is a patent pending technology called Hands On Talk (HOT), which bounces sound waves from the watch to your ear. How does it work? A speaker in the watch reportedly beams the sound off of your cupped hand, which you place near your ear.

hot watch sound

Think of it like holding an invisible phone to your head. Here’s a video demonstration along with many more details on the watch’s development.

Although you can make and receive phone calls with the Hot Watch, it doesn’t require a separate phone plan because the phone functions are handled by your smartphone: The watch pairs…

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