Boasting big-name users, Github rival RhodeCode hits version 2.0 and starts making money


Chances are you’ve never heard of the source code management (SCM) platform RhodeCode, a rival to the likes of GitHub, BitBucket and Google(s goog) Code. But that may soon change, as the company wants to emulate what MySQL achieved in the database market: making a big impact in the enterprise with a disruptive open-source product.

Berlin-based RhodeCode is actually off to a flying start. Despite its low profile, it already has 150,000 installations already under its belt – implying a far greater number of actual users. Its product is used in an impressive roster of companies ranging from Oracle(s orcl) and Samsung to BMW and Bank of America(s bac). And what’s more, these firms aren’t just using it for collaborative source code editing.

Not just for developers

“RhodeCode has existed since 2010 – it started more like a hobby, then it exploded,” CEO Sebastian Kreutzberger (former CTO at

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