Even as Apple sells more iPhones, its share of smartphone market falls


Despite selling more iPhones than it did a year ago, Apple(s AAPL) dropped some share of the worldwide market for smartphone operating systems. It shipped more iPhones than a year ago — 31.2 million between April and June, versus 26 million the same quarter a year earlier — but went from a 16.6 percent share of the smartphone OS pie to a 13.2 percent share in the last year, according to IDC.

Still, Apple easily remained No. 2 behind the ever-growing market for Android(s GOOG) smartphones, according to IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker:

IDC smartphone OS marketshare Q2 2013

It’s been nine months since there was a new iPhone. While Apple continues to find new ways to sell iPhones, the entire market is growing at a faster pace. So it’s not unexpected that Apple’s share would dip while Android and Windows(s MSFT) phones would grow as new devices are continually released for those…

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