From social gaming to gene sequencing: Zynga alums sell health startup to Gene by Gene


Less than a year after leaving their gigs at Zynga (s ZNGA), Jason Wang and Nir Leibovich haven’t just launched a new startup in an unfamiliar industry, they’ve sold it.

On Wednesday, Houston-based genetic testing company Gene by Gene said it had acquired Arpeggi, a gene-sequencing startup founded by Wang, Leibovich and geneticist David Mittelman in October. The companies declined to share financial details on the deal but said that Arpeggi’s six full-time employees will be joining Gene by Gene’s Houston office with the three co-founders taking senior roles at the company.

Gene by Gene, which was founded in 2000, offers a range of genetic-testing services, from direct-to-consumer DNA testing for ancestry and genealogical purposes to whole genome sequencing for institutional customers. By acquiring Arpeggi, the company adds data management and computational analysis services it didn’t have in-house.

“They don’t have to partner with someone else to analyze the…

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