Google adds load balancing, SQL-like queries in hot pursuit of more cloud business


Google (s goog) added a few features to its cloud services Wednesday, including load balancing for Google Compute Engine and SQL-like search inside the NoSQL Cloud Datastore.

The SQL-like language GQL, which stands for Google Query Language, has been in place for five years now for the Google App Engine’s datastore. So developers familiar with it will find it easier to use the Cloud Datastore, which was revealed three months ago.

Prior to this point, the Google Cloud Datastore could only be queried manually with more complex commands through its application programming interface (API), a spokeswoman wrote in an email.

Implementing SQL-like capability on NoSQL databases is a road many others in the database world have gone down. Facebook (s fb) kicked off SQL-like querying on Hadoop with Hive. Cassandra has a SQL-like query language, and Couchbase came out with one of its own, too.

Aside from introducing GQL querying…

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