Hands on with the LG G2: a big, fast flagship phone


After all the leaks there wasn’t much new to learn about the LG G2 at its official unveiling on Wednesday in New York City. But it’s a gorgeous phone, and probably the best-sized big-screen smartphone I’ve placed my hands on.


LG spent quite some time emphasizing the thinness of the G2’s design, and with good reason — this phone feels strikingly slim when you hold it. The screen measures 5.2 inches diagonally, which can technically place it in the phablet realm. But at 2.79 inches across and just 0.35 inches thick, the G2 almost feels comparable to a 5 or 4.7-inch smartphone. Credit that to the incredibly thin bezel, which is nearly nonexistent at 0.1 inch.

LG G2 width

But the most innovative design feature is also perhaps the simplest: control buttons on the back of the phone. LG claims that after doing thousands of hours of research, it found that most…

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