Sorry BlackBerry: based on shipments, Windows Phone is running ahead


In a reversal from the second quarter a year ago, more Microsoft(s msft) Windows Phone handsets are shipping than BlackBerry(s bbry) phones. Android(s goog) and iOS(s aapl) are surely running away in the smartphone market, but the race for no. 3 appears to be tilting in Microsoft’s favor of late.

The shipment data comes from research firm IDC, which released the numbers on Wednesday. IDC’s information says that Windows Phone shipments grew 77.6 percent from the year ago period while BlackBerry shipments actually dropped 11.7 percent around the world. In a growing market, BlackBerry should be shipping more phones than it did a year ago, not less, especially when the quarter included sales of both the Z10 and Q10 handset although the latter launched late in the time period.

Using the shipment data for market share numbers, both are still far behind the Android and iOS platforms, which earned…

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