Haptix seeks Kickstarter support to turn anything into a 3D multitouch surface


After the Kinect’s (s msft) explosion in popularity, navigating by gesturing about in the air is becoming a more mainstream option for the electronics we currently control by touching, clicking and typing. Haptix, a webcam-sized bar that can clip onto a laptop screen to track hand movement on any surface, is the latest option. It launched today on Kickstarter.

Haptix is meant to strike a balance between touchscreens and the traditional keyboard/mouse combination that is both comfortable and intuitive. It’s compatible with screens on devices like laptops and TVs and can be used to create a virtual touchpad or keyboard.


The Haptix team is asking for $100,000 on Kickstarter to get the project going. There are 500 devices available to backers for $59. After that they cost $65. The $70 retail price will be a shave below the $80 Leap Motion goes for. Haptix expects to ship the devices…

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