Microsoft’s flip-flops on Xbox One have gamers confused about what they’ll actually get


When Microsoft unveiled its newest console, gamers reacted harshly to many of the things that the company thought were “cutting edge” — namely a privacy policy that forced always-on checks and a draconian developer program that made it difficult for indie companies to create titles. When the gaming community kicked up dust, Microsoft flip-flopped and reset all of the digital advances that the Xbox One had — even the ones gamers liked. If the community didn’t like every single new feature Microsoft had to offer, then everything would be reset and all the changes (including the convenience of a digital library or online sharing) would erase with it.

But gamers continued to express reservations, namely with the new Kinect. Xbox’s core motion-tracking technology was to remain on connected and in a low-powered state permanently, something that didn’t settle well with a group of privacy-minded gamers. Now those changes have been

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