Oh Google. Of course email users expect privacy — you promised it to them


The California-based advocacy group Consumer Watchdog has this week highlighted an interesting claim emanating from Google(s goog)’s legal team, with which it is doing battle over data mining. In a motion to dismiss Consumer Watchdog’s class action lawsuit against it, Google said no email users can expect privacy.

The lawsuit is about the fact that Google scans Gmail emails for keywords, so it can better target ads at the user. Many of the plaintiffs in this class action suit are Gmail users, and Google’s argument there is that they signed up to its terms (which I’m sure they all read, right?). However, regarding those plaintiffs complaining about their emails to Gmail users being scanned and processed, Google’s lawyers said:

“The state law wiretap claims of the Non-Gmail Plaintiffs fail for similar reasons. While the non-Gmail Plaintiffs are not bound to Google’s contractual terms, they nonetheless impliedly consent to Google’s…

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