Apple: Feds aim to “give Amazon a significant competitive advantage” in ebooks case


In court filings posted Monday morning, Apple (s AAPL) attorney Orin Snyder responded to the Department of Justice’s revised proposed punishment for the tech company in the ebooks case. Snyder criticized the government for filing “a 12-page broadside masquerading as a brief,” and accused them of “seeking a remedy that would give Amazon a significant competitive advantage over Apple.” (The filings are embedded below.)

U.S. district judge Dense Cote found Apple guilty of conspiring with publishers to set ebook prices last month, and Apple is appealing that verdict. Nonetheless, it responded directly to various parts of the DOJ’s proposed injunction. The DOJ is arguing for a number of things: Changes in the way that Apple sells content in the App Store, including allowing ebook retailers to sell ebooks directly through their apps without Apple taking a cut; staggered negotiations with book publishers; and the creation of a third party monitor to…

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