Intel developing emotion-tracking cameras for laptops, tablets and phones


Intel(s intc) is developing depth-sensing 3D camera technology that could go far beyond detecting mere shapes and motion to mapping the contours of physical objects and even the emotional state of individuals in its field of vision, according to a report from IDG News.

Intel director of perceptual products and solutions Anil Nanduri told IDG that this technology would “bridge the gap between the real and virtual world” through creating a level of interaction with our devices that goes far beyond the keyboard, mouse and touchscreen interfaces.

video conference

“You’ll add the ability to sense your excitement, emotion — whether you are happy or smiling. The algorithms and technologies are there, but they are getting more refined, and as they get more robust, you’ll see them,” Nanduri told IDG.

For instance, the camera sensor can extrapolate whether you’re enjoying a particular video game by tracking changes in your facial expression. It…

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