Last week on Research: the complexity of the cloud and Blackberry’s last stand?


This week, our minds are on mobile, especially as Samsung grapples with a PR mess around the alleged region-locking on its new Galaxy Note 3 phones and Blackberry continues its downward spiral following this week’s cancelled investor call. And, of course, we’re getting geared up for next month’s Mobilize conference – tickets are going fast, so make sure you register today. Meanwhile, over on GigaOM Research, our analysts have their own take on how Blackberry’s last efforts to save itself, the future for share economy startups, and more.

Note: GigaOM Research, previously known as GigaOM Pro, is a subscription-based research service offering in-depth, timely analysis of developing trends and technologies. Visit to learn more about it.

Cleantech: Ride sharing scores a victory for the share economy
Adam Lesser

Analyst Adam Lesser praises the recent decision by California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to set regulations on ridesharing, which legitimizes the…

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