Where is wearable tech headed?


Imagine a small adhesive strip that can collect intimate biological data and tell your smartphone that you need to apply sunscreen or hydrate. How about a sensor for service dogs that enables them to transmit “verbal” commands to their handlers? Around the world, researchers are working behind the scenes and around the clock on jaw-dropping applications for wearable technology, driving innovation into areas that were considered science fiction just a few years ago.

We no longer just use technology. The fact that tech is now all around us, on us, and even in us has given birth to a new buzz phrase, the internet of things. The very diversity of internet of things applications is staggering, ranging from smart consumer products to devices that monitor health and behavior—human or animal. Dairymaster already markets a number of smart products to farmers including a cloud-based MooMonitor necklace that determines a cow’s readiness…

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