Extending responsive web design for cross-platform mobile development


Despite the obvious importance of mobile, most websites continue to provide a subpar mobile browsing experience. Few websites truly embrace mobility, offering scaled-down versions of desktop websites or pushing users toward native applications that require a separate download. Many well-intentioned mobilization strategies aimed at solving the problem become bogged down in the minutiae of designing for multiple platforms.

In theory, responsive web design should allow businesses to create and manage one codebase to deliver consistent branding and functionality across all platforms. The reality is far more complicated and less rewarding. Monolithic application design, a reliance on client-side scripting,  and the task of managing multiple templates can increase complexity and cost. A heavy dependence on mobile networks and server-side databases can diminish performance relative to native applications.

In this webinar, our panel will discuss these topics:

  • How should developers address key differences among desktop and mobile experiences?
  • What are the pros…

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