We should criminalize data misuse, says Microsoft exec


There is no stopping the massive collection of people’s data a la PRISM or Facebook(s fb) — that genie is long out of the bottle. But we can — and should– make it a lot more painful and expensive for people or companies that misuse that data trove, said Craig Mundie, former Microsoft CTO who now is a strategic advisor to the CEO.

“Personally, I’d make [data misuse] a felony. Without that, the downside is too low.  We should make it a serious crime to subvert those mechanisms,” Mundie told attendees of the EmTech 2013 conference at MIT’s Media Lab in Cambridge, Mass.

The problem now is when people “allow” a smartphone app to use their GPS data, for example, they have no idea where that app will pass that data downstream, he said.

“In computing there is no use without an app. So you need to force people to…

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