Your doctor is going digital: What the rise of medtech means for you


Five years into the future, doctors will be empowered with a wide array of exponential technologies and will become the most efficient they have ever been. Physicians or artificial intelligence systems will have the ability to know your health status, perhaps even before you do, thanks to the combination of three important factors: artificial intelligence, electronic medical records/digital medicine and sensor technology.

mobilize-2013-essayEvery one of the aforementioned technologies has enough depth to merit an essay of its own, and their peak impact on healthcare will have varying time frames. On their own they have tremendous potential, but when united, the possibilities for medical breakthroughs are endless. This health care revolution is happening right in front of us and we as physicians, can either witness it as it takes place or become part of it.

Artificial intelligence eases information overload

To understand the tremendous potential of AI it is important to…

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