The Mobilize Manifesto, five years into the mobile revolution


When I first used the internet, a thought popped up in my mind: what if this network was available all the time? I would email and never would have to talk on the phone. That was in the early 1990s, long before the internet was a commercial phenomenon. Fast forward to today, and of course, I don’t talk on the phone and I hate email, because I am always emailing.

A few years later, I made a phone call to my parents in Delhi on a Nokia phone over an AT&T network while standing on the edge of Wall Street. It was the coolest feeling, only to be replaced by an idea: imagine if we could have access to the network anywhere, anytime without wires. Fast forward to today and today our day on the network starts by checking our iPhone (or Android phone).


Those two thoughts became the cornerstone…

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