Researchers use Whistle’s dog activity tracker to quantify canine health


Canine activity tracker Whistle may not have launched its first commercial device yet, but its product is already being put to use by veterinary research and pharmaceutical companies to help understand dog illness and behavior.

The San Francisco startup has designed what could only be described as a Fitbit (see disclosure) or Fuelband for dogs. The small puck worn on the dog’s collar contains a three-axis accelerometer as well as Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi radios, which can track when and with whom a pooch is walking, playing or resting. That data is the parsed in the cloud and used to paint on overall picture of the dog’s activity via a smartphone app.

But Whistle believes it can do more with that data than tell you whether you’re playing enough fetch with Fido. Whistle’s accelerometer data could be used to detect whether a dog is behaving abnormally or has fallen…

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