Samsung admits its region-locking scheme hasn’t gone to plan (whatever that plan was)


Samsung has finally acknowledged that there is a problem with its region-locking of current smartphones such as the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. In a German-language statement (why, Samsung, why?) on Thursday, the firm said it had not anticipated the uncertainty its move would introduce.

To recap that uncertainty: first Samsung started putting stickers on its retail boxes saying the phones wouldn’t work with SIM cards from other regions; then it said this only applied to initial activation; and then many users reported that the devices really couldn’t use SIM cards from other regions after all, or at least that the deactivation of this lock wasn’t working as promised.

At least by that point we knew the feature was based on a blacklist of blocked countries.

Today, Samsung said the regional SIM lock feature would remain in place, but it was working on making the procedure friendlier for consumers…

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