Time to abandon the CAPTCHA? AI software solves them with 90 percent accuracy


It’s not just you: CAPTCHAs have gotten more difficult in recent years, thanks to artificial intelligence progressing to the point that machines can bypass older CAPTCHA versions. Software can still beat modern iterations to some extent, but Google’s reCAPTCHA(s goog) has done a decent job of remaining unbreakable.

Vicarious CAPTCHA softwareNot anymore. Vicarious, an artificial intelligence startup, announced today that it has developed software that can crack any type of CAPTCHA with at least 90 percent accuracy. Its secret is an advancement in crunching CAPTCHAs where letters are squished together and overlapped, which is what makes reCAPTCHA so effective.

“Recent AI systems like IBM’s Watson and deep neural networks rely on brute force: connecting massive computing power to massive datasets,” Vicarious co-founder Scott Phoenix said in a release. “This is the first time this distinctively human act of perception has been achieved, and it uses relatively minuscule amounts of data and…

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