Google engineers curse out NSA over data center intrusion


Outraged Google(s goog) engineers are using public posts to blast the National Security Service in eloquent — and very salty — language over reports the spy service has been tapping into the company’s private fiber-optic cables.

“I now join [my colleague] in issuing a giant [eff] You to the people who made these slides,” wrote Zurich-based engineer, Mike Hearn, in a Google+ post that refers to leaked documents showing that the NSA has infiltrated private data centers at Google and Yahoo.

Hearn laments that by-passing the company’s security service is illegal, but that no one at the spy services who disregarded the laws will “stand before a judge and answer for this industrial-scale subversion of the judicial process.”

And last week, a member of Google’s security team offered thoughts in a blog post of his own.

“[eff] these guys,” wrote Brandon Doyle, expressing anguish that he has spent a decade protecting…

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