Google starts testing ART, a potential replacement for Dalvik in Android


After a 2010 spat over how Java works in Android(s goog) with Oracle(s orcl), Google is moving on to a new way for apps run on mobile devices. Dubbed ART, the new runtime environment is available as a preview option in Android 4.4. Developers are encouraged to try it and provide feedback for ART and if you have Android 4.4, you can test it yourself although you may not see much difference just yet.

On a sparse web page for developers, Google said the new runtime is experimental and a work in progress. You can enable it in Android 4.4 through the Settings, Developer Options menu. I did just that on a Nexus 5 and after a reboot, Android spent about 10 minutes optimizing my apps to run. I don’t yet see any difference in the apps.

Currently, Android apps run in what’s called Dalvik, a runtime environment that…

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