97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know


Ones I like are;

One line of working code is worth 500 of specification by Allison Randal

Commit-and-run is a crime.   by Niclas Nilsson

Architects must be hands on  by John Davies

Architectural Tradeoffs  by Mark Richards

Check this out! 🙂


A good article about Software Architecture

src article

Software application architecture is the process of defining and coming up with a solution that is well structured and meets all of the technical and operational requirements. The architecture should be able to take into account and improve upon the common quality attributes such as performance, security, and manageability.

The main focus of the Software architecture is how the major elements and components within an application are used by, or interact with, other major elements and components within the application. The selection of data structures and algorithms or the implementation details of individual components are design concerns, they are not an architectural concerns but sometimes Design and Architecture concerns overlap.”