Interactive Data Visualizer

Interactive Data Visualizer v.0.15

This is an on-going project which I have started and supervised for one of the Visualization projects at the School of Computer Science, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.

The ultimate main purpose for data visualization is to provide the followings to data analysts, scientists, statisticians, engineers and business stakeholders;

1. Intuitive visual displays for data points, clusters, distribution, and structures,

2. In-depth data analysis at a glance,

3. Trends of data in the past and current, also for prediction on possible future data patterns,

4. Specific data examination / investigation in a particular domain.

The interactive data visualizer v.0.15 shown above is the first interactive data visualization tool (java applet) I have developed with two students in Java for its first prototype. It loads data files – there are 10 example data files retrieved from UCI Machine Learning Repository and shows data points, data distribution in Gaussian-basis distribution functions, and statistics using box plots for each attribute/feature.

I also have been working on other data visualization applications for the last two years and at the moment. Once ready, I will put them on here to show the prototypes and the details.